• "Flower Magic" Boat Tour

      Boat Ride | since 1973 | The oldest and popular water ride attraction leads through colorful flowerbeds and a fairytale forest, along a mushroom carousel and a melodious tree
    • Adventure Land

      Themed Area | In the northwestern area of the park | Treats stories about the gold rush in North America and the Indians living there | Related Attractions: Crazy Mine, Pow Wow, Flying Shark
    • Apache Lodge Tree House

      Playground | since 2006 | A tree house for climbing and playing, with tight spaces, tunnels, and a large suspension bridge that ends at an Indian trail with several sports equipment and tasks
    • Ball & Bounce House

      Playground | since 1990 | The large ball pool and the bouncy castle invite little acrobats to first somersaults, and make children's eyes happy at the sight of the numerous colorful balls.
    • Barracuda Slide

      Waterslide | since 1998 | In dinghies, the inmates slide down a slide channel with several hills from a height of 12 meters to come to a standstill with a spray in the valley
    • Bonanza City

      Themed Area | In the eastern area of the park | Western town with numerous wooden buildings from the time of the Wild West | Related Attractions: Gold Prospecting, Pony Express and Kentucky Derby
    • Can Knockdown and Fishing for Prize Bags

      Activity | since 1987 | This wagon is known for accuracy with the long rifle but also for skill in bag fishing, in the colorful prices or a rose beckoning the winner
    • Children's World

      Themed Area | In the middle of the park | The smallest themed area is designed for the smallest guests and offers many opportunities to play and run around | Related Attractions: Mini Skooters and Tahiti Trail
    • Cinema Fantastico 4D

      Theater | since 1989 | In an adjoining room of the big show theater the 4D cinema is located, with many well-known films and special effects in the auditorium, which make the experience tangible
    • Cog Ship Ride

      Carousel | since 1973 | As if on the open sea, the small boats are bobbing over the waves, providing the passengers with a pleasant tingling sensation, becoming faster and faster
    • Crazy Mine

      Rollercoaster | since 1997 | An old gold mine serves as a theme for this wild-type roller coaster and causes a lot of outcry when the lorries go into tight turns or fall steep descents
    • Curse of Novgorod

      Roller Coaster | since 2009 | A dark wizard causes trouble in the Russian trading city and causes some guests to leave with a speed up to 100 km/h
    • Discarded Projects

      History | 1970 to today | The HANSA-PARK creative team is always working on small and big ideas, but not every project can be realized. These ideas were finally rejected.
    • Dr. Livingstone’s Safari-Flight

      Carousel | since 2005 | In small aircraft, the small pilots explore the African wilderness and can thereby determine the altitude by means of control sticks
    • El Paso Express

      Inclined track | 1989 to 2015 | The fastest train on the tightest radius was a train of electric vehicles powered by an overlapping course of 80 km/h at its best.
    • Figures & Developments

      Statistics | 1977 to today | Facts and figures about the development of admission charge and opening hours since the opening of HANSALAND and a chronological listing of the management
    • Flight Simulator

      Simulator | 1994 to 2006 | With these futuristic companions roller coasters could be traversed on alien planets, ice channels in the Arctic or Formula 1 course in the cockpit of the cars.
    • Flying Dutchman

      Swing Ride | since 1981| The ghost ship of the famous pirate swings approximately 20 meters into the air and causes the passengers pleasant tingling in the stomach area
    • Flying Orcas

      Carousel | since 1998 | In gondolas designed such as killer whales, the guests fly through the salty sea air, sometimes leisurely, sometimes fast, sometimes down to the ground and then back again with momentum in the air
    • Flying Shark

      Rollover Carousel | since 1991 | Up to 40 people are thrown in the nacelle by vertical loops, and have to endure strong G-forces, at 8 revolutions per minute
    • Freilichtbühne

      Theater | seit 1987 | Berühmte Gauckler und Artistenbühne für traditionelle volkstümliche Kirmesdarbietungen tretten hier auf, zudem gibt es lustige Unterhaltung duch Clowns und Komiker
    • HANSA Carousel

      Carousel | since 2002 | Classic horse carousel, which can be found right at the entrance, with beautifully painted decorations from the HANSE era and various HANSE cities
    • Hansa Garden

      Themed Area | In the middle of the park | Green idyll with numerous flowers and plants as well as a pond and lawns to linger | Related Attractions: Holstein Tower and Remote-Controlled Boats
    • HANSA Swing Ride

      Carousel | since 2016 | A swing ride, which rises in height and tends slightly to the side, whereby a wave-like up and down motion is performed while driving

      History | 1987 to today | Germany's only amusement park by the sea is renamed HANSA-PARK, should correspond more to the Hanseatic League theme and brings this with the latest investments to advantage.
    • HANSA-PARK Express

      Park Railway | since 1973 | The locomotive winds its way through the entire park with its wagons and offers with its four stations many possibilities for boarding, transferring and changing trains

      History | 1977 to 1986 | After LEGOLAND is a failure, the amusement park was restructured under new leadership and with a new strategy, and with a maritime theme.
    • Highlander

      Freefall Tower | from 2019 | The highest and fastest gyro drop tower in the world, at the time of its opening, with a total height of 120 meters, a drop of 103 meters and maximum speed of 120 km/h.
    • Holstein Tower

      Observation Tower | since 1987 | Up to 80 meters, the cabin screws into the sky and offers its passengers a breathtaking view over the sea and the Holstein countryside
    • Indian Camp

      Sight | since 1973 | A camp with large tepees, a campfire with the possibility to bake bread, and a dark bear cave with numerous animals and secrets
    • Indian River

      Boat Ride | since 2001 | The children can enjoy a canoe ride over the Yellowstone River and can set the pace themselves with the paddle, while frogs sing a song in the choir

      Flight Attraction | since 2017 | A flight carousel with a height of 22 meters, which can be controlled interactively. Two wings allow to swing the seat until it completely rolls over
    • Kiddie-Camp

      Playground | since 1995 | Covered facility for children, with a softball shooting range, truck parcour, ball pool and large bouncy castle in the form of a pirate ship, as well as a café for the parents
    • Land of the Vikings

      Themed Area | In the northern area of the park | Here the Norsemen rule with their dragon boats in search of adventure | Related Attractions: Midgard Serpent and Stormy Dragon Boat Ride
    • LEGOLAND® Sierksdorf

      History | 1973 to 1976 | The first leisure park of the Danish company LEGO in Germany started with a small world of colorful plastic bricks, with western town and traffic school
    • Lumberjacks’ Camp

      Themed Area | In the southeastern area of the park | In the center, an old sawmill, which is continuously supplied with tree trunks | Related Attractions: Wild Water Ride and Curse of Novgorod
    • Midgard Serpent

      Roller Coaster | since 2011 | Children's roller coaster with a dark section and a story about the mystical journey of two Viking children to Asgard and the encounter of the Midgard Serpent
    • Miner's Camp

      Snack Point | since 1997 | Rustic Berkwerk style ambience with solid wood seating Served: steaks and burgers in baguettes, chicken nuggets, baked potatoes, fries and nachos
    • Mini Scooters

      Bumper Cars | since 1973 | In small electric vehicles, the children can make their first driving tests in a car, in a round course, which is themed like a gas station
    • Navajo Trail High-Rope Garden

      Climbing facility | since 2006 | Using a modern security system, all those who are free from giddiness and the daredevils can climb and crawl across numerous obstacles at a height of up to 10 meters
    • Nessie

      Roller Coaster | since 1980 | Germany's first permanently installed looping roller coaster with a height of 26 meters and a speed of 79 km/h. The journey ends in the gullet of the sea monster Nessie.
    • Oath of KÄRNAN

      Rollercoaster | since 2015 | With a height of 73 meters, it is by far the highest roller coaster and, together with the castle complex, it is the largest building in the park, reaching up to 130 km / h after the big drop
    • Odin's Travels through the Sky

      Drop Tower | since 2001 | First free-fall experiences for children with a drop height of 7.5 meters, was first on the site of today's KÄRNAN and was later implemented in the Land of the Vikings
    • Old-Time Fun Fair

      Themed Area | In the heart of the park | Reflects the charm and variety of classic fairground rides | Related Attractions: Flying Dutchman, Safari Jeeps and "Flower Magic" Boat Tour
    • Petrel

      Carpet Ride | 1991 to 2012 | A high ride by Anton Schwarzkopf, in the form of a huge bird of prey, swung up like the classic carpets to overturn the earth again
    • Pony Express

      Riding Track | since 2001 | On one of the numerous ponies, little cowboys and cowgirls roam the american prairie, encountering wolves, skunks, vultures and skeletons
    • Pow Wow

      Carousel | since 1996 | Around a totem pole, the indian cups of the tribe of the Baltic Indians turn wild with their inmates to offer a sacrifice to the sacred Manitu
    • Power-Tower "Monte-Zuma"

      Tower Ride | 2000 to 2012 | Prototype of the Maurer Söhne ride Power-Tower, designed in the style of an Andean expedition, brought its passengers to a height of 42 meters to drop them again
    • Racing Roland

      Roller Coaster | since 1993 | Built by the Dutch company Vekoma, the track winds its way over, under and through the looping coaster Nessie, and then follows a dune landscape
    • Russian Swing

      Ferris Wheel | 1990 to 2014 | It was a symbol of the beginning of today's fairs and reminded with its colorful facades and onion turrets to the time of the old Tsarist empire in Russia
    • Safari-Jeeps

      Theme Ride | since 1973 | The jeeps bring young adventurers into the deep of the african jungle, where elephants, giraffes, crocodiles, hippopotamuses, lions and monkeys can be photographed
    • Show Theater "Arena del Mar"

      Theater | since 1984 | With numerous international performances, the show theater offers space for up to 2,000 people and has already presented well-known stars such as Frank Elstner and Wim Thoelke
    • Space Scooter

      Bumper Cars | since 2002 | In this futuristic theme it is about docking as many planets as possible in a short time and thus beat the competitors with good skills
    • Steam Carousel

      Children Carousel | 1985 to 2004 | A lovingly carousel with handmade animal figures and colorful decorations reminiscent of a steam engine with organ playing, built by the famous artist Peter Petz
    • Stormy Dragon Boat Ride

      Water Ride | since 2007 | Offers the experience of a wild water ride for children over 2 years, thanks to integrated child seat shells in the dragon boats, with a fall from 7 meters height
    • Störtebeker's Sea Raid

      Water Ride | since 2000 | The green channel is no longer safe, because on the wild waves is again the pirate Störtebecker with his crew on the way and plundering like a whirlwind
    • Super Splash

      Water Ride | since 1986 | It is the fastest, steepest and wettest water attraction in the park, with a drop of 20 meters, including an 80 degree incline and a ski-jump
    • Swing Ride

      Carousel | since 1987 | A classic on the fun fairs of the world, known as the "Flying Chairs-O-Planes", the children sit in a basket seat suspended by chains and fly in a circle
    • Tahiti Trail

      Playground | since 2012 | In the dense jungle, the little explorers fight over hanging bridges, through hanging objects, over two floors and exciting slides to their destination
    • The Bell

      Giant swing | since 2008 | On the clapper of a huge bell, the passangers are swung wildly up to 70 km/h while the clapper whirls around itself
    • The Little Tsar

      Rollercoaster | since 2017 | The smallest roller coaster in the park for the smallest beginners, with a colorful story about the invention of the Russian mountains by the same prince
    • The Realms of the North

      Themed Area | In the northeastern area of the park | The KÄRNAN fortress of King Erik Menved VI radiates power and invincibility | Related attractions: Oath of KÄRNAN, Kärnapulten and The Bell
    • Thrill Rides

      Themed Area | In the western area of the park | A guarantee for roller coaster fun and home of the last space attraction | Related attractions: Superrollercoaster Nessie, Racing Roland and the Space Scooter
    • Torre del Mar

      Tower Ride | 2005 to 2015 | Like a chair-o-plane, Star Flyer from the Austrian company Funtime twisted in 70 meters height and provided besides a great view some plenty of tingling
    • Trapper Camp

      Picnic Area | since 1995 | For a hefty meal, as in the days of the Cowboys and Indians, this camp offers grills to all hungry trappers for a small fee
    • Viking Boat Trip

      Carousel | since 1997 | With the strong men in the dragon boat, it goes up to the open sea to experience great adventure
    • Water Fun

      Themed Area | In the southern area of the park | A world on water, where a boat trip can be exceptionally wet | Related Attractions: Super Splash, Low-Rope Garden and the Aquarena
    • Wave Rider

      Carousel | since 1977 | Oldest ride from HUSS in the park, which raises each of three arms in each case an opposing ring with gondolas in the air and made it wave twisted
    • Wild Water Ride

      Water Ride | since 1977 | Freshly cut logs are transported to the sawmill via a water canal. Not infrequently the lumberjacks sit on the trunk themselves and hunt down the drops