The History

The history deals with the historical work-up of HANSA-PARK. Here, the attractions, shops and themed areas are examined in more detail.

When in 1973 LEGOLAND opened on the Baltic coast of Sierksdorf, there was hardly any mention of the HANSEATIC LEAGUE. Scenes from current German and European regions were mainly presented in the colorful landscapes made of bricks. Only the model of the Holstentor near the entrance seemed to have known what would later be come at Fahrenkrog 1 in Sierksdorf. After LEGOLAND lost its trademark license due to bad numbers and lack of money, a group of people were ready to take over the amusement park and make something new out of it.

The style of the new theme park should become significantly more maritime. The management promised a lot of the new concept. On May 15, 1977 opened HANSALAND. The infrastructure could be maintained, but the bricks have disappeared. In its place beautiful gardens could be admired and the new roller coaster "Seeschlange" as well as the freshly completed wild water ride found great demand. The concept seemed to work. In the following years HANSALAND invested in new, big attractions, and the shows quickly reached international level.

For the 10th anniversary, HANSALAND was renamed HANSA-PARK, and received its biggest attraction, the 100 meter high Holstein Tower. The "Hanseatification" of the amusement park has been continuously worked on since 2008. The impressive replica of the Holstentor started as a new park entrance, which was still admired in 1973 as a small model of bricks.

The history is a reference book for all HANSA-PARK fans. Since the millennia we collect information, images, old videos and cross-references to make you a comprehensive database available.