The Fan Club

Due to the good cooperation so far and our interest in HANSA-PARK, we were asked if we would like to be accepted as an official fan club of HANSA-PARK. After a conversation on April 30, 2013 with Mr. Leicht and Mrs. Seecker, the fan club was decided on our part and after consultation with Mr. Leicht we may call ourselves the first official HANSA-PARK fan club.

The fan club runs parallel to the forum. A membership in the fan club is therefore not bound to a registration in the forum. The fan club membership is free. It does NOT entitle to free entry to HANSA-PARK. Admission to the park must be purchased through a day or season pass.

The following activities are planned by our side
Regular newsletters with e.g. Information about construction progress and events in the park, so that the park visit can be better planned on busy days.
Reintroduction of the regular table with extension from the forum to the fan club in a restaurant in the vicinity of Sierksdorf.
Several informal meetings in the park with no planned program to get to know each other as well as one big meeting per year in the park with planned program such as a discussion with the management.
Collection and evaluation of improvement requests and criticisms of the park for the purpose of forwarding to the management.
For the members, who are interested in an active membership, the exchange of views in the Forum is a good opportunity to get started and expressly welcomes us. We are happy about every active member in the forum.

We look forward to further suggestions and ideas from you on how we can further complement the fan club.

As the HANSA-PARK is also a family park, we are also happy about members outside the Coaster fandom. So if you like to spend your time at HANSA-PARK, but If you do not know all the technical details of the Curse of Novgorod, you are welcome too.

HANSA-PARK trusts that we as a registered fan club support HANSA-PARK fair and positively influence the appearance of the family and theme park through our actions. As a fan club we are in a sense also "ambassadors" of HANSA-PARK. Of course that implies that HANSA-PARK also pays particular attention to our suggestions and constructive criticism.

We look forward to your registration.

Philip, Nils and Andrea.