• History | 1987 to today | Germany's only amusement park by the sea is renamed HANSA-PARK, should correspond more to the Hanseatic League theme and brings this with the latest investments to advantage.
    The jubilee year brought some big change. To mark its 10th anniversary, the amusement park changed its name to HANSA-PARK. The management have also come up with something big for the guests. The 100-meter-high Holstein Tower will now give visitors an unforgettable view of the Lübeck Bay and the Baltic Sea. From this height you can also see the size of the HANSA-PARK has developed.

    Likewise, the success story of the Variety Theater starts in the year 1987. The magical super show "Happy Magic over the Rainbow" thrills millions. Magicians, artists and the HANSA-PARK Ballet provide incredible moments in the realm of illusions.

    Furthermore followed in the following years:

    Yahr Investment and Development
    1988: The Acapulco Death Divers present their witty, sparkling, and sometimes hot water stunt show in the Aqua Stadium.

    Metroliner - the fastest train in the world on the narrowest radius, catapults the passengers from now on through the twisted round course (in its place the supervision cinema had to give way).

    World premiere in the show theater: "The Panthers of Padisha" - theater between stage and circus.


    The Russian Swing finds its way to the Old-Time Fun Fair of HANSA-PARK.

    Premiere in the show theater: "The Gift of the Wizard" - A journey into the world of magic, poetry and fairy tales.


    Flying Shark and Petrel twist the guests stomach. Pure flying and fun.

    New open-air stage on the Old-Time Fun Fair.


    Opening of the 3D cinema. Variety show "Stars for you".

    The Sea Serpent is removed.

    1993: The dune express Racing Roland is making its first rounds, including the world sensation "Rendevouz in the Loop".

    "Simulating the future" - the flying adventure of a special kind, in the new flight simulators.

    Artistic design of the Old-Time Fun Fair.

    Waiver of dolphin show.


    The kiddie camp opens. An all-weather paradise for the youngest.

    Expansion of the wild west through the trapper camp. Indian and Western Festival.


    Pow Wow - a covered carousel in the style of Indian clay jugs.

    Fun & Sweet - a large indoor play center with games for the whole family.


    Opening of the Crazy Mine. A crazy coaster ride through an old mine.

    Viking Boat Trip - Viking ships plowing up and down through the waves. Opening of the new Pirate Land themed area around the caravelle Niña.

    Anniversary show in the Variety Theater with Erix Logan, the superstar who can fly. Furthermore, many special events in the anniversary year, such as the Human Cannonball, or the Roberos Death Ball, motorcyclist in steel cage.

    1998: Commissioning of the Barracuda Slide. A so far unique water slide in northern Germany.
    1999: First construction phase of the new Mexican area Plaza del Mar.
    2000: The new millennium is starting with two new large-scale attractions: Rio Dorado, a unique water bob ride in Germany and the power tower Monte Zuma.
    2001: With the Pony Express, the Indian River and the little brother of the great Monte Zuma, La Torre Rápida, rides for the younger guests are inaugurated.
    2002: New is Space Race, where - for the first time in the world - a ride attraction is even doubly interactive. In addition, the Škoda Auto Hall will be inaugurated, as well as the Café Milky Way inside. The HANSE Carousel makes its rounds and the 3-D cinema surprises visitors with 4-D effects. The second phase of the construction of the Mexican area with Plaza San Antonio and the Speaking Fountain will be made accessible.
    2003: Design and renovation of rides such as Safari Jeeps.

    Modernization of Mini Scooters. Cosmic Coaster, now flight simulator with 3-D movie.

    Captain Orki adventure climbing ship at the main entrance area.

    New children's theater with fascinating parrot show.


    The then tallest tower swing ride Torre del Mar is put into operation. Passengers are transported up 70 meters into the air.

    Another carousel flight is Dr. Livingstone's Safari-Flight at the Old-Time Fun Fair.


    A new technology ensures safe climbing in HANSA-PARK, named Navajo Trail. Apache Lodge invites its guests to explore the iconic tree house. Metroliner gets a complete renovation and now drives as El Paso Express through a small Mexican town.

    Furthermore, the Space Race will be transformed to Space Soccer, the crazy Spanish Bell will be added and the Variety Show Fantastic Moments will be presented.


    Great anniversary - 30 years HANSA-PARK.

    Commissioning of the water ride attraction Stormy Dragon Boat Ride in the Pirates Land, including a drop from 7 meters height. Already suitable for children from 2 years.

    First phase of the holiday resort "Strandpark Lübecker Bucht" with bridge connection to HANSA-PARK.

    Furthermore, Space Race transformed back to Space Race and the wet path of the Atztecs next to the El Paso Express will be added.


    Starting construction of the new themed area HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE, which replaces the old entrance and the associated theme Landing Bridges. Several Hanseatic buildings will be added here. The first is the Lübeck Holstentor.

    From Vienna, HANSA-PARK gets the world's only ride of it's kind The Bell in the Mexican themed area. Flight and fun guaranteed.


    The park's fifth roller coaster will begin its hell ride on April 9th. The Curse of Novgorod complements the themed area HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE with buildings from the Russian Hanseatic city of Novgorod, as well as a customized story. The roller coaster has been equipped with the latest technology.

    For kids there is now the Low-Rope Garden in form of a peasant fishing village near the Aquarena.


    Further expansion of the themed area HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE. The courtyard of the entrance area will be redesigned. Well-known buildings from Hamburg, Rostock, Visby and Bruges are being built.

    For children, several play and climbing attractions are opened. Including a market car in Mexico and a sled in the Lumberjack's Camp.

    A big novelty this year is the 3D movie "A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventure", which replaces the old Panda-Vision movie. For this, the Fantastic Cinema is equipped with the latest 3D technology.


    With Midgard Serpent, roller coaster number six is being created, covering a younger visitor group in the roller coaster segment. It tells the story of two children Einar and Elin, who hide on an enchanted Viking ship.

    In addition, the 4th construction phase of the themed area HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE will be completed. On the right-hand side of the area you can see facades of famous Hanseatic buildings from Bruges, Groningen and Paris.


    The right side of the box offices will be upgraded as the 5th construction phase of the themed area HANSETIC LEAGUE in EUROPE with buildings from the cities of London, Ribe and Bergen of the Hanseatic period.

    For children there is a new indoor playground. The Tahiti Trail is a confusing labyrinth of play, climbing and sliding opportunities framed in a romantic, green jungle world with day and night lighting.

    Furthermore, the redesign of Super Splash begins, a birthday train will accompany the party guests through the park, and the Game+Fun House has been closed.


    The box offices on the left-hand side will be equipped with building fronts from the Hanseatic cities of Lübeck, Copenhagen, Bremen, Frankfurt am Main, Goslar and Nuremberg, thus completing the redesign of the front section of the themed area HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE.

    Two new 4D movies enrich the show, with the crazy characters Sid, Manny and Diego from "Ice Age - The Dawn of the Dinosaurs", and "Pirates", which features a reunion with pirate captain Lucky alias Leslie Nielsen.

    The drop tower Monte-Zuma and Petrel have left the park and the Shell Exhibition has been closed.


    A large indoor playground for the whole family will be built in the former Hall of Stars. Named Fondaco dei Tedeschi, the playground with facades and decorations designed of the Hanseatic Venice includes two free-fall slides and 16 softball cannons.

    In the show sector, there are again two new 4D films in Fantastic Cinema with the dancing Emperor Penguin Mumble from "Happy Feet" and the picnic basket-hawking "Yogi Bear", as well as the new variety show "Flying Balance".


    HANSA-PARK makes its biggest investment so far and opens with the Oath of KÄRNAN a 73 meter high Hyper-Coaster, which meanders with speeds of 127 km/h through the northern park.

    Next to "Yogi Bär", the short version of the movie "Rio" as a 4D experience will be released in Fantastic Cinema and will replace "Happy Feet".


    At the main entrance a new carousel awaits the guests. HANSA Swing Ride is decorated with motifs of historical Hanseatic cities.

    The Fantastic Cinema features the movie "The Magic House", telling the story of a young cat seeking protection in a strange house.


    The little Tzar is a roller coaster for the smallest HANSA-PARK fans. At the Old-Time Fun Fair, children can make their first experiences on this curvy rails.


    Barcos del Mar are motorcycles built from flotsam that will drive around a lighthouse.

    At the front of Fun & Sweet, the 7th construction phase of the themed area HANSEATIC LEAGUE in EUROPE is being built in the form of the Crane House of Gdansk and facades from Krakow.