HAPA-Kids Meeting 2015

Quite traditionally, we started in the morning with a breakfast together. Those who did not know each other could do so in different ways. The kids in the indoor playground of the Fondacos and the adults over a cup of coffee. This morning, 88 rolls and 40 boiled eggs were destroyed. Well-fortified, the group started with a journey through Orki's world history. The logbook of Capt'n Orki, Orki's own ship at the entrance, tells of a trip to America, and adventurous encounters with famous explorers, crazy miners and eccentric Vikings. Armed with spoons, the children have shipped a whole load of potatoes. With oranges on their faces they have roped along wide waters. In South America, they jumped on overseas lifebuoys on wild rivers and helped out the Argentine pony post on the global postal strike.

Orki has finally heard that the kids are walking on his old paths, and has called them to reward the kids for their courage and their zest for action. Together with Flipsi, Pingi, Leo and Emmi, Orki has brought a large treasure chest on the stage, in which for each HAPA kid a bulging bag filled with sweets lay. The kids were thrilled, and Orki was proud of his HAPA kids.

After this exciting journey across the park, the well-filled banquet came just right and made for a good mood. In addition to sausages, meatballs and Knobibrot there were also specialties such as a Bunte-streusel-lemon cake, pizza-folding rolls and a strange-looking Big-Mäc salad.

Last year, the HANSA-PARK parade had to be canceled due to rain, and the HAPA kids went alone with their triumphal procession through the park. This year the kids were allowed to make their round of honor with the complete parade. The weather was good, the parade colorful, and with a lot of music and fun we went across the HANSA-PARK. At the end of the day everyone was flat but happy. Way too fast he passed and the group started slowly on the way home. One or the other child rubbed his eyes with tiredness or buried himself in the newly collared cuddly toy. With heavy steps it was the evening, and it was dreamed of adventures, splendid parades and many old as well as newly found friends.

We hope that the HAPA-Kids Meeting 2015 was as much fun as we and our helpers, and we would be happy to meet you again at one of the informal meetings, the big summer meeting or the fan club meeting. Many thanks to all participants.