HAPA-Kids Meeting 2014

Mrs. Seecker from HANSA-PARK presented all HAPA-Kids with a breakfast box including a drinking bottle and the parents and diligent helpers were happy about a hat. When the Holsten Gate opened, it went to a short photo stop at Orki and his friends and further into the Fondaco the Tedeschi for breakfast. With bread rolls, coffee and good spirits, everyone got to know each other and the HAPA kids and the adults stormed the gaming world.

At about 10:15 clock then began the first part of the program - the treasure hunt. The parents were allowed to use the time of the treasure hunt for a single visit to HANSA-PARK and so some parents separated from the group. The core of the treasure hunt was that Leo and Orki had found a treasure chest, which was then stolen by Pingi and hidden again. Now Leo and Orki should find the treasure chest again based on clues that Pingi had hidden in the park. Since the two did not know further, they asked the HAPA kids for help.

At the Captain Orki the search for the first bottle started. Eleven HAPA kids stormed the boat and searched everywhere for the bottle, which was then found below deck. In the bottle, the brave treasure hunters found the first hint card that led to another bottle and set out on the arduous path over dunes, which they left behind with the Raging Roland to eventually climb a lighthouse and found the second bottle there.

Now it was time to find the traces of the bear and follow them to master the examination of the Baltic Indians. Then a tree house waited for the small treasure hunters and a suspension bridge, which led over a meter deep abyss. After passing all the exams, all the children had to complete an order for the Ponypost, which led them to Bonanza City.

There it was then to find Lizzy, who had the next clue, which proved but not so easy. After several residents of Bonanza City were unsuccessfully asked for Lizzy, a lady in the General Store could give the crucial clue to Lizzy. She was the photographer in the city. Our treasure hunters gathered their courage, entered the photo studio and asked loudly for Lizzy and the hint. Lizzy stood in front of them and said that she only gives the hint on one condition: a joint photo had to be taken. That was one of the easiest exams on the day. Jackets off, change clothes and cheeky look into the lens - done. They all could damn good and satisfied handed Lizzy the third bottle.

Gruppenfoto bei Lizzy

After a stormy sea voyage on the way to Dr. Livingstone crosses a deep jungle. After the arduous journey our treasure hunters gratefully accepted the fourth note. Through the tunnel of a thousand faces, they came into a garden, just invited to rest there. But our HAPA kids withstood the temptation and went in search of the fifth and final clue they finally found in a raging river - yes, it was a small stream, if that, but that's poetic freedom. When they found their way out of the seductive garden, they set out to reach the top of the world. Actually it was only a ride in the Holstein tower, but that sounds less exciting. Once at the top they should look for a round building and find friends of Orki, whatever they did: the Aquarena with sea lions Lou and Diego.

After a quick descent, they all ran quickly to the arena, where the rest of the parents were already waiting. Together the Aquarena was entered and the show of John Burke and his sea lions Diego and Lou began. Our treasure hunters bravely poured water over them as Diego and Lou slipped into the pool. But the courage was rewarded, because suddenly John found a treasure chest on his ship and wondered who they might belong to. The HAPA kids immediately claimed the treasure and boarded the stage and picked up the deserved box. They looked at the rest of the show with pride and content, and the treasure was then shared at the trapper camp.

Such a treasure hunt is known to make you damn hungry and thanks to the help of the adults, there was a feast in the trapper camp with sausages, meatballs, salads and a lot of cake and rain. Shortly before the parade, the triumphal procession of successful treasure hunters, the weather seemed to improve and in good spirits everyone took his place in the birthday train.Unfortunately, an approaching rain area canceled out the plans of the treasure hunters and so they had to move through the park without much escort. The rest of the afternoon, the parents took over again the command and so gradually the first ones went back home. One couple ventured on a journey to Novgorod or tried to beat the Serpent of Midgard.

Both the HAPA kids and the parents and helpers had a hopefully great day at the HANSA-PARK and we from the HAPA Forum are already looking forward to the HAPA-Kids meeting 2015. We would be delighted if we all of you at one of the casual meetings, the big summer meeting or the fan club meeting. Many thanks to all participants.