Fan Club Meeting 2017

At KÄRNAPULTEN it was the proclaimed royal tournament in the rollover contest. The Herald solemnly opened the games and despite moderately beautiful weather, many tournament participants were in competition one against one. In the preliminary round, 12 participants were able to qualify. After the stomachs were twisted neatly, there was the solemn tournament dinner with bratwurst, neck steak and burger. The sea lion show by John Burke was a welcome change to avoid the cold, wet weather. Here we watched as Lou and Michi plunged into the floods.

The finals of the tournament were really serious again. All qualifiers did their best to compete against the favorites. In the end, Gernot could be happy about the third, Markus on the second and Tobias on the first place, and were presented with suitable prices.

The day ended with a hearty extra ride time on the Curse of Novgorod. In the evening, the celebrations of the royal tournament ended with bonfires and delicious grilled food, on the ground of the Burke family. Finally, the cloud cover also broke open and opened a wonderful starry sky with the one or other falling star to all those who remained.