Pony Express

  • Riding Track | since 2001 | On one of the numerous ponies, little cowboys and cowgirls roam the american prairie, encountering wolves, skunks, vultures and skeletons
    Pony Post Pony Post

    The wolf howls, wagon wagon wheels, Colts popping, and you're in the midst as a postman on your wildest ride through the prairie. Armed it starts, through a cave system in the shelter of the bushes, through a forest in the steppe. It is not just a matter of taming one of the wild Mustangs, but also of meeting numerous targets, such as raccoons, hungry vultures and living skeletons. The Pony Post is fun for children up to 10 years and a height of 110 cm. But even adults can book the Pony Post outside the opening hours.

    The winner of the day will be announced at the exit on a large monitor. The pistols are not suitable for all weather. When it rains, the guns are dismantled and stored dry. So you should not blame the park for this decision.

    For another special gastronomic offer in 2002 the boxes of the former ponies were rebuilt with tables and benches. Groups can book the unusual venue. The stable was furnished with real decorations and antiques from America, as delivered and furnished at Fort Alamo Saloon and the Saloon Last Chance by Heinz Bründl.