Super Splash

  • Water Ride | since 1986 | It is the fastest, steepest and wettest water attraction in the park, with a drop of 20 meters, including an 80 degree incline and a ski-jump
    Super Splash

    "Here, the joie de vivre beats waves!" A frequently mentioned slogan of HANSA-PARK. Certainly a hint of Super Splash, which rewards its passengers with a huge spray cloud.

    Super Splash

    The self-proclaimed water roller coaster was developed by the Swiss manufacturer Intamin, and offered as one of the first German water rides boats with six seats and the Double Dip, a popular ski-jump. Super Splash was installed in 1986 and put into operation. Despite the innovations, the water roller coaster offers a rather short layout, which is limited to an oval course in 19 meters and the subsequent descent.

    For this the developers have put their attention on the departure. With 85° slope Super Splash has one of the steepest drops of water rides history. A total of 20 meters difference in height, the passengers complete in this fall and get, due to the ski-jump, literally the feeling of being torn from the seats.

    Super Splash The spout, which is not as wet as it was 20 years ago, offers more "splash" than some log flumes of it factory type. And with an appropriate occupation of the boat you can reach dimensions that are equivalent to a Spill Water Ride.

    A small architectural wonder is also the maritime-style station. Composed of sails and trusses, the semi-open building resembles almost the shape of a whale. An often used element in the construction of water attractions is the rotating boarding platform, which is intended to make it easier for passengers to board. These are accessed via a wooden pier, at the end of which a large room dryer can dry several people.

    Until the turn of the millennium, at the exit of Super Splash was a small log cabin where driving photos of wet passengers were sold. The photo booth was at the end of the exit, before the last corner. This cabin was later moved to the Plaza San Antonio in the Mexican theme area and is now known as the log cabin on the Kungstorget.

    There is currently a multi-person beach-style dryer at the exit, blowing hot air for several minutes.