Navajo Trail High-Rope Garden

  • Climbing facility | since 2006 | Using a modern security system, all those who are free from giddiness and the daredevils can climb and crawl across numerous obstacles at a height of up to 10 meters
    Navajo Trail

    Climbing is possible everywhere in Adventure Land. For example the Apache Lodge Tree House, or the Indian path of the old chief Gray Wolf. Now HANSA-PARK has set the whole thing on top, and offers with the high-rope course Navajo Trail a 200 meters long climbing fun.

    Navajo Trail

    In 2006, the first section was opened, and successfully adopted by park visitors. There were 12 exercises to challenge without suffering a crash. But it's also taken care of. Securing techniques made by Faszinatour have made securing much more time-saving than with conventional high-rope courses. Without the need of an additional person, the climber is protected by a guide rail on the ceiling and can move independently from station to station.

    In 2008, the extension of 13 new exercises was inaugurated, which is why the Navajo Trail was called the longest and highest of its kind in Europe at this time. Now you go through a circuit with height differences of 7 to 10 meters and 25 exercises.