Join the Fan Club

Becoming a member is easy:

  1. Download registration form and print out.
  2. Fill out a registration form per person.
  3. Send the completed forms to the specified address or hand them in at HANSA-PARK to one of the HAPA-Forum team members. Finished.

To the Registration Form

In order to correctly display the registration form you need the Adobe Reader to display PDF documents. You can find the program on the Adobe website: Link to Adobe Reader

Terms of Use of the Fan Club

§ 1 Name and Location of the Fan Club

  1. The fan club is named "HAPA-Forum"
  2. The fan club seat is Eutin

§ 2 Purpose of the Fan Club

  1. The fan club supports the appearance of HANSA-PARK in a fair and positive manner. It sees itself as an ambassador of HANSA-PARK.
  2. The purpose of the fan club is to bring its members together in a friendly atmosphere during and outside the opening hours of HANSA-PARK.
  3. Care of all members.
  4. The fan club is politically and denominationally neutral.

§ 3 Membership

  1. The membership can acquire:
    All persons who feel connected to the fan club. Joining will be done by a written form to the fan club management. Minors require parental consent.
  2. The fan club consists of ordinary members, as well as its children of all ages.

§ 4 Rights and Obligations of the Members

  1. Each member has the right to attend all fan club meetings (except the HAPA-Kids Meeting)
  2. In addition, each adult member has the right to apply himself to the fan club leader as a supervisor for the HAPA-Kids meeting.
  3. Every member has the duty
    1. to preserve the reputation of the fan club
    2. to promote the goals of the fan club to the best of its ability
    3. to respect the terms of use of the fan club.
    4. to comply with the "Rules for Fanclubs" of HANSA-PARK.

§ 5 Termination of Membership

  1. The membership ends
    1. by leaving
    2. by exclusion
    3. through death
    4. by dissolution of the fan club
  2. Resignation from the fan club is made by written declaration of resignation to the fan club management
  3. The exclusion can be made
    1. in case of gross or repeated violation of the terms of use
    2. because of dishonorable behavior within the fan club
    3. because of statements that could seriously harm the fan club.
  4. About the exclusion, which takes place with immediate effect, decides the fan club management with simple majority of votes. Prior to the decision of the fanclub management, the member shall be given the opportunity to comment on the allegations, giving at least two weeks' notice. The exclusion notice must be communicated to the member in writing.

§ 6 Management of the Fan Club

  1. The management consists of:
    1. Nils Burmeister
    2. Andrea Klappenbach

§ 7 Dissolution of the Fan Club

  1. The dissolution of the fan club is carried out by unanimous decision of the fan club management.

§ 8 Changes of the Terms of Use

  1. A change of the terms of use can be decided only by the fan club management.

§ 9 Day of Creation

  1. These conditions of use were decided on 18.04.2018 and came into force on the same day.