Old-Time Fun Fair

    • "Flower Magic" Boat Tour

      Boat Ride | since 1973 | The oldest and popular water ride attraction leads through colorful flowerbeds and a fairytale forest, along a mushroom carousel and a melodious tree
    • Can Knockdown and Fishing for Prize Bags

      Activity | since 1987 | This wagon is known for accuracy with the long rifle but also for skill in bag fishing, in the colorful prices or a rose beckoning the winner
    • Cog Ship Ride

      Carousel | since 1973 | As if on the open sea, the small boats are bobbing over the waves, providing the passengers with a pleasant tingling sensation, becoming faster and faster
    • Dr. Livingstone’s Safari-Flight

      Carousel | since 2005 | In small aircraft, the small pilots explore the African wilderness and can thereby determine the altitude by means of control sticks
    • Flying Dutchman

      Swing Ride | since 1981| The ghost ship of the famous pirate swings approximately 20 meters into the air and causes the passengers pleasant tingling in the stomach area
    • Safari-Jeeps

      Theme Ride | since 1973 | The jeeps bring young adventurers into the deep of the african jungle, where elephants, giraffes, crocodiles, hippopotamuses, lions and monkeys can be photographed
    • Swing Ride

      Carousel | since 1987 | A classic on the fun fairs of the world, known as the "Flying Chairs-O-Planes", the children sit in a basket seat suspended by chains and fly in a circle
    • The Little Tsar

      Rollercoaster | since 2017 | The smallest roller coaster in the park for the smallest beginners, with a colorful story about the invention of the Russian mountains by the same prince