Adventure Land

    • Apache Lodge Tree House

      Playground | since 2006 | A tree house for climbing and playing, with tight spaces, tunnels, and a large suspension bridge that ends at an Indian trail with several sports equipment and tasks
    • Barracuda Slide

      Waterslide | since 1998 | In dinghies, the inmates slide down a slide channel with several hills from a height of 12 meters to come to a standstill with a spray in the valley
    • Crazy Mine

      Rollercoaster | since 1997 | An old gold mine serves as a theme for this wild-type roller coaster and causes a lot of outcry when the lorries go into tight turns or fall steep descents
    • Flying Shark

      Rollover Carousel | since 1991 | Up to 40 people are thrown in the nacelle by vertical loops, and have to endure strong G-forces, at 8 revolutions per minute
    • Indian Camp

      Sight | since 1973 | A camp with large tepees, a campfire with the possibility to bake bread, and a dark bear cave with numerous animals and secrets
    • Miner's Camp

      Snack Point | since 1997 | Rustic Berkwerk style ambience with solid wood seating Served: steaks and burgers in baguettes, chicken nuggets, baked potatoes, fries and nachos
    • Navajo Trail High-Rope Garden

      Climbing facility | since 2006 | Using a modern security system, all those who are free from giddiness and the daredevils can climb and crawl across numerous obstacles at a height of up to 10 meters
    • Pow Wow

      Carousel | since 1996 | Around a totem pole, the indian cups of the tribe of the Baltic Indians turn wild with their inmates to offer a sacrifice to the sacred Manitu
    • Trapper Camp

      Picnic Area | since 1995 | For a hefty meal, as in the days of the Cowboys and Indians, this camp offers grills to all hungry trappers for a small fee