Themed Areas

HANSA-PARK is a theme park. There is nothing more remote than subdividing the park into themed areas. All rides were designed according to their themed areas and often provided with a matching little story.
    • Adventure Land

      Themed Area | In the northwestern area of the park | Treats stories about the gold rush in North America and the Indians living there | Related Attractions: Crazy Mine, Pow Wow, Flying Shark
    • Bonanza City

      Themed Area | In the eastern area of the park | Western town with numerous wooden buildings from the time of the Wild West | Related Attractions: Gold Prospecting, Pony Express and Kentucky Derby
    • Children's World

      Themed Area | In the middle of the park | The smallest themed area is designed for the smallest guests and offers many opportunities to play and run around | Related Attractions: Mini Skooters and Tahiti Trail
    • Hansa Garden

      Themed Area | In the middle of the park | Green idyll with numerous flowers and plants as well as a pond and lawns to linger | Related Attractions: Holstein Tower and Remote-Controlled Boats
    • Land of the Vikings

      Themed Area | In the northern area of the park | Here the Norsemen rule with their dragon boats in search of adventure | Related Attractions: Midgard Serpent and Stormy Dragon Boat Ride
    • Lumberjacks’ Camp

      Themed Area | In the southeastern area of the park | In the center, an old sawmill, which is continuously supplied with tree trunks | Related Attractions: Wild Water Ride and Curse of Novgorod
    • Old-Time Fun Fair

      Themed Area | In the heart of the park | Reflects the charm and variety of classic fairground rides | Related Attractions: Flying Dutchman, Safari Jeeps and "Flower Magic" Boat Tour
    • The Realms of the North

      Themed Area | In the northeastern area of the park | The KÄRNAN fortress of King Erik Menved VI radiates power and invincibility | Related attractions: Oath of KÄRNAN, Kärnapulten and The Bell
    • Thrill Rides

      Themed Area | In the western area of the park | A guarantee for roller coaster fun and home of the last space attraction | Related attractions: Superrollercoaster Nessie, Racing Roland and the Space Scooter
    • Water Fun

      Themed Area | In the southern area of the park | A world on water, where a boat trip can be exceptionally wet | Related Attractions: Super Splash, Low-Rope Garden and the Aquarena