Former attractions

Rides and playgrounds have to give way for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is age-related, technical reasons that make recovery impossible. Sometimes it's just a matter of space to clear the way for new, breathtaking attractions. Here these attractions are unforgotten.
    • El Paso Express

      Inclined track | 1989 to 2015 | The fastest train on the tightest radius was a train of electric vehicles powered by an overlapping course of 80 km/h at its best.
    • Flight Simulator

      Simulator | 1994 to 2006 | With these futuristic companions roller coasters could be traversed on alien planets, ice channels in the Arctic or Formula 1 course in the cockpit of the cars.
    • Petrel

      Carpet Ride | 1991 to 2012 | A high ride by Anton Schwarzkopf, in the form of a huge bird of prey, swung up like the classic carpets to overturn the earth again
    • Power-Tower "Monte-Zuma"

      Tower Ride | 2000 to 2012 | Prototype of the Maurer Söhne ride Power-Tower, designed in the style of an Andean expedition, brought its passengers to a height of 42 meters to drop them again
    • Russian Swing

      Ferris Wheel | 1990 to 2014 | It was a symbol of the beginning of today's fairs and reminded with its colorful facades and onion turrets to the time of the old Tsarist empire in Russia
    • Steam Carousel

      Children Carousel | 1985 to 2004 | A lovingly carousel with handmade animal figures and colorful decorations reminiscent of a steam engine with organ playing, built by the famous artist Peter Petz
    • Torre del Mar

      Tower Ride | 2005 to 2015 | Like a chair-o-plane, Star Flyer from the Austrian company Funtime twisted in 70 meters height and provided besides a great view some plenty of tingling