Land of the Vikings

    • Flying Orcas

      Carousel | since 1998 | In gondolas designed such as killer whales, the guests fly through the salty sea air, sometimes leisurely, sometimes fast, sometimes down to the ground and then back again with momentum in the air
    • Midgard Serpent

      Roller Coaster | since 2011 | Children's roller coaster with a dark section and a story about the mystical journey of two Viking children to Asgard and the encounter of the Midgard Serpent
    • Odin's Travels through the Sky

      Drop Tower | since 2001 | First free-fall experiences for children with a drop height of 7.5 meters, was first on the site of today's KÄRNAN and was later implemented in the Land of the Vikings
    • Stormy Dragon Boat Ride

      Water Ride | since 2007 | Offers the experience of a wild water ride for children over 2 years, thanks to integrated child seat shells in the dragon boats, with a fall from 7 meters height
    • Viking Boat Trip

      Carousel | since 1997 | With the strong men in the dragon boat, it goes up to the open sea to experience great adventure