Thrill Rides

    • Highlander

      Freefall Tower | from 2019 | The highest and fastest gyro drop tower in the world, at the time of its opening, with a total height of 120 meters, a drop of 103 meters and maximum speed of 120 km/h.
    • Nessie

      Roller Coaster | since 1980 | Germany's first permanently installed looping roller coaster with a height of 26 meters and a speed of 79 km/h. The journey ends in the gullet of the sea monster Nessie.
    • Racing Roland

      Roller Coaster | since 1993 | Built by the Dutch company Vekoma, the track winds its way over, under and through the looping coaster Nessie, and then follows a dune landscape
    • Space Scooter

      Bumper Cars | since 2002 | In this futuristic theme it is about docking as many planets as possible in a short time and thus beat the competitors with good skills
    • Wave Rider

      Carousel | since 1977 | Oldest ride from HUSS in the park, which raises each of three arms in each case an opposing ring with gondolas in the air and made it wave twisted