The Realms of the North


      Flight Attraction | since 2017 | A flight carousel with a height of 22 meters, which can be controlled interactively. Two wings allow to swing the seat until it completely rolls over
    • Oath of KÄRNAN

      Rollercoaster | since 2015 | With a height of 73 meters, it is by far the highest roller coaster and, together with the castle complex, it is the largest building in the park, reaching up to 130 km / h after the big drop
    • Störtebeker's Sea Raid

      Water Ride | since 2000 | The green channel is no longer safe, because on the wild waves is again the pirate Störtebecker with his crew on the way and plundering like a whirlwind
    • The Bell

      Giant swing | since 2008 | On the clapper of a huge bell, the passangers are swung wildly up to 70 km/h while the clapper whirls around itself