Discarded Projects

  • History | 1970 to today | The HANSA-PARK creative team is always working on small and big ideas, but not every project can be realized. These ideas were finally rejected.
    Project planning at HANSA-PARK is based on the same principle as in all companies. Great ideas are conceived and lifted into the project phase with sufficient relevance. There, details and plans are worked out, building authorities are informed and initial discussions with the manufacturers are started. But not every project sees the daylight. This article tells about those projects that ended up in the bin for a variety of reasons that can only be speculated on.

    1 The Alternative Parking Lot

    Just take a look at the original planning of LEGOLAND, which started back in 1970. At that time, the development plan provides the parking lot to be set on the eastern side of the amusement park, between it and the railway embankment. The cars were supposed to reach the parking lot via a bridge that led across the street "Am Fahrenkrog". The parking lot should accommodate a thousand vehicles. With the first change in the development plan, an area was defined as a parking lot, which we know today opposite the Pohnsdorfer road.

    Skizze des LEGOLAND Sierksdorf von 1970 Bildquelle: Ostholstein Portal Planarchiv

    2 The Underground Extension

    On November 30, 1988 a newspaper article of Lübecker Nachrichten reported from a 20 million mark expensive expansion. It is a so-called "indoor ride", according to the author. The system was to be built outside the existing parking border on the opposite side of the street "Am Fahrenkrog". The site is today a replacement parking lot for particularly busy days.

    The plan was to have a rotunda embedded in the ground, which was to be equipped with pavilions above ground. Underground, the complex was supposed to house various "dark rides": "For example, it is intended for a ride that takes the visitor through the means of the most modern animatronics, for example, into the middle of a historically inspired naval battle." wrote the LN. The idea of this construction was also to avoid noise. Due to the underground location, the ride should be largely silent. Managing Director Hubert Rauschen stated at that time, "we do not want to occur as troublemaker and annoy the neighbors.", Finally, the self-government Sierksdorf had to agree in advance the plans. Although the five-hectare site belongs to HANSA-PARK, the development plan provided for a different use, including the construction of a 14-story hotel, a children's home and the construction of a public spa park. However, the targeted change in the zoning plan never came to a conclusion. Thus, the management had to put this dedicated project to the files.

    HANSA-PARK Modell mit Erweiterungsfläche Bildquelle: Lübecker Nachrichten / Sylvia Blankenburg, 30.11.1988

    3 Mini DTM

    With the omission of the last remaining flight simulator, a not insignificant area was cleared in the Hall of Stars. This area was to be used for an affixed project to give the smallest guests a taste of cars. For this, a traffic garden was set up with small electric cars, with which the children should learn to drive. In the brochure of 2007, this attraction was called "Mini DTM". The children's traffic garden was never opened. Later, the corner was used for the exhibition of luxury-class Mercedes cars and finally for the indoor playground Fondaco dei Tedeschi.

    4 The Splash Battle

    The LN also provided material for speculation on April 2, 2010, when a newspaper report read: "And what's coming in 2011? HANSA-PARK managing director Andreas Leicht only gets so much out of it - only so much: A new water ride attraction." At the same time, a test setup was already being sighted in the reservoir of the Wild Water Ride. Beside a piece of rail turn in the water, a boat in the reeds with eye-catching cannon abutments was sighted, which quickly indicated a kind of splash battle. A ride attraction where the occupants can wet objects and other passengers with the help of water cannons. Since only in the years before the marketing for Curse of Novgorod ran at full speed, and over the time distributed small film scenes were shown, a reference to the last part of the series was drawn quickly. At the end of the fourth trailer, a cog was visible in the storm, ending with the words "The Water Wolf - More Than a Game with the Fire".

    Thus, the conclusion quickly came that the new water ride attraction could possibly continue a Splash Battle from an unknown home, the story of Peer Oldendorp and Alexej at the Ilmensee. But already on the publication date of the newspaper report, all traces of the boat and the rail were removed. After that, nothing of a possible Splash Battle was ever seen again. In the year 2016, the Wild Water Rider finally became the Water Wolf of the Ilmensee.