Flight Simulator

  • Simulator | 1994 to 2006 | With these futuristic companions roller coasters could be traversed on alien planets, ice channels in the Arctic or Formula 1 course in the cockpit of the cars.
    Flight Simulator

    A completely new driving experience promise the two flight simulators, which are used for the first time in the 1994 season. The passengers sit in a capsule, isolated from the outside world. Video films propel a virtual reality, while the experience is perceptibly simulated by hydraulic lifting movements. The cabin moves in sync with the motion on the video wall, allowing it to play smooth maneuvers as well as jolting roller coaster rides.

    The American-French manufacturer Thomson Training & Simulation built primarily fully controllable flight simulators for pilot schools and the military. With the entry into the entertainment industry, Thomson Entertainment was formed to create simulators for amusement parks, museums, airports and cinemas. The Venturer 14 with 14 seats became the best-selling simulator of the company, and cost approximately $ 225,000 (at that time about 140,000 DM). The 1.2-ton cab is lifted into the air by three hydraulic cylinders. Two cylinders, centrally on the sides, provide for lateral tilting movements. The third cylinder is mounted in the middle of the rear and tilts the cab back and forth. The control took place via a DOS system. The films were delivered to laser discs using the MPEG2-based Digital Picture System (Thomson DPS) video format.

    Flight Simulator Flight Simulator

    The simulators of the HANSA-PARK were provided with an outer shell which is to commemorate the American space shuttles. Likewise, the hall was futuristic, with a grid steel strut construction supporting the roof. On television screens, a newscaster moderates a television program from outer space, struggling with typical effects such as: weightless coffee cups.

    However, the films do not come from Thomson itself only. The market for real and animated Ride movies discover other film studios for themselves. Among other things, the animation studio marketed nWave short films for capsule and screen simulators.

    Listing of the shown ride movies in HANSA-PARK

    Title: "Harrier Sortie" (3:38)

    Studio: Helifilms

    In 1994, the flight simulators started with this live-action film, in which a jet of the type "whiz-starter Harrier" usually sweeps leisurely, then stormily over the British country.

    Title: "Astro Canyon Coaster" (2:56)

    Studio: nWave Pictures

    A partly rough rollercoaster ride through a Grand Canyon-like landscape on a strange planet. The capsule bangs past futuristic fairground rides and daring jumps over vast bottomless ravines.

    Title: "RGB Adventure" (4:01)

    Studio: nWave Pictures

    Space pirates steal the colors red, green and blue from alien planets to fuel their space station. You want to put the thieves crafts, and fly with your spaceship into the enemy space station.

    Title: "Glacier Run" (3:41)

    Studio: nWave Pictures

    In a polar ice-like region, drive a snowcat to transport ice blocks through an ice channel. It often comes to clashes with other vehicles and objects.

    Title: "Formula One"

    You are in a Formula 1 race car on the Monaco circuit. The pace is high and the corners tight. The film is a compilation of several on-board cameras in a real race.

    Title: "Cosmic Coaster 2D/3D" (4:31)

    Studio: nWave Pictures

    A worthy successor to the Astro Canyon Coaster, where the rollercoaster capsule races at breakneck speed through deep gorges and futuristic cities. This movie was later also shown in 3D, and was finally the last film at Flight Simulator.

    In the 2002 season, the area around the simulators was fundamentally rebuilt. A large reinforced concrete hall connected to the roof construction, a few years earlier already clad with corrugated metal walls. From 2002 cars of Skoda and Mercedes were exhibited in the building. One of the two simulators also moved to the new car hall. The second, however, was not used again. Because both simulators had to make room for a new interactive car scooter. Space Race is still to be found today, where years ago the flight simulators traveled in the endless expanse of simulated reality.

    In 2006, the Flight Simulator launched its last flights into space. Shown again was the movie Cosmic Coaster, this time in 3D. For 2007, the simulator was removed. A children's traffic garden, the "Mini DTM", was planned at the same location. This was never implemented. Today, the indoor play world "Fondaco dei Tedeschi" is located there.