Racing Roland

  • Roller Coaster | since 1993 | Built by the Dutch company Vekoma, the track winds its way over, under and through the looping coaster Nessie, and then follows a dune landscape
    Racing Roland Racing Roland

    Rügen's most famous steam locomotive is a guest at HANSA-PARK. However, it takes the curves here much steeper. At 16 meters, it goes up to the loop of Nessie. Then the little train pulls the tempo, and winds twice around the huge white rail ring and finally gives full steam. About the station building of Nessie in a helix around the Scottish castle back to the dune landscape to the beach musicians. There, the locomotive crashes into the cold water once jump over the waiting guests and slips with a last howl in the end brake to release his passengers safely back in the station.

    At Racing Roland, Vekoma had to prove that they can work precisely because the installation was done inside an existing rollercoaster. Known under the motto "Rendezvous in the Loop", Roland and Nessie meet in the middle of Nessie's loop, head to head, so that they could join hands. Therefore, it was particularly important for the construction not only to finish the roller coaster, but also to avoid that Nessie got damaged.

    Before Racing Roland, the old Sea Serpent made its rounds at the same place, a Tivoli Coaster from the German company Zierer.