• Theme Ride | since 1973 | The jeeps bring young adventurers into the deep of the african jungle, where elephants, giraffes, crocodiles, hippopotamuses, lions and monkeys can be photographed
    Safari-Jeeps Safari-Jeeps

    Start the photo safari. Cross the Serengeti of the North with your jeep and keep your eyes open. Elephants, rhinos and lions are native here. Take the most beautiful pictures and collect points. In the end you have the chance to win the day score.

    The safari ride has been around since the LEGOLAND, and was then called Oldtimer Safari. Many animals were made from the famous stones. Later, with the opening of Hansaland 1977, the vehicles were replaced by a trainset build by Brothers Ihle from Bruchsal and renamed Safari Train. Now moving animatronics on the wayside bring the wild to life.

    Later, individual vehicles were again placed on the 1.4-meter-wide carriageway, and renamed in Safari Jeeps, in 1992 . The vehicles have a length of 1.98 meters, a width of 1 meter and a height of 1.15 meters. Meanwhile, the children equipped with laser light cameras roam through the african landscape. Who photographed most of the animals can read off their highscore on a monitor.