Miner's Camp

  • Snack Point | since 1997 | Rustic Berkwerk style ambience with solid wood seating Served: steaks and burgers in baguettes, chicken nuggets, baked potatoes, fries and nachos
    Miner's Camp Miner's Camp

    Quite rustic, the mine snack opens in the mountainous landscape. After hours underground and sooty face, the rough miner craves for a juicy steak. You will find it at Miner's Camp. Ranger steak and spare ribs fill your stomach. Schnitzel and Miner`s burgers are the perfect snack. And for vegetarians, there are baked potatoes and salads. Benches and tables are outside under sun sails near a pond. A waterfall provides a dynamic atmosphere and in the background you can still hear the miners of the Crazy Mine. Food between nature and industry.

    Standard menu (as of 2010)

    Spare Ribs

    with garlic bread

    with fries

    Ranger Steak

    with BBQ sauce in baguette

    with fries

    Miner's Burger

    Mince steak in baguette, onions, remoulade sauce, ketchup

    Chicken Nuggets

    with fries

    Baked Potato

    with sour cream

    Garlic Bread

    Exclusive offers of the past years

    Schnitzel Burger

    Schnitzel of pork in a baguette, remoulade sauce

    Baked Potatoe

    with sour cream, chicken breast strips, salad side dish