Flying Shark

  • Rollover Carousel | since 1991 | Up to 40 people are thrown in the nacelle by vertical loops, and have to endure strong G-forces, at 8 revolutions per minute
    Flying Shark Flying Shark

    The Flying Shark, built by the Bremen machine manufacturer HUSS, is known in the fairground world rather under the name Ranger. The shape of the passenger cell is crucial for the naming. The awesome grin of the shark already suggests that this ride is not harmless.

    Despite the theme of the Indians, the attraction fits into the overall picture of the Adventure Land. Together with the Petrel, the investment was once again a huge step into the field of thrill. Seven times the shark beats its loopings. And lets the passengers hang in the air twice for a few seconds at the apex.

    At a height of approx. 12 meters, there are four 90 kW engines that transfer their power to the flying structure. The flywheel is connected at the midpoint with the engines and reaches a turning diameter of 26 meters. To accommodate the four engines needed, the entire engine block was jacketed with sonic foam to level noise down to an acceptable level.