Thrill Rides

  • Themed Area | In the western area of the park | A guarantee for roller coaster fun and home of the last space attraction | Related attractions: Superrollercoaster Nessie, Racing Roland and the Space Scooter
    Let the wind blow through your hair. Whether on land, in the air or in the open space. Here the nerves are tickled, located directly at the main entrance.

    Who does not know: the oldest stationary looping roller coaster in Germany. Even from the parking lot you can see the two turns and Nessies trademark, the 20 meter high giant loop. In 1993, Nessie got company. The little dune express Racing Roland makes his rounds here and loves to "drive" the sea monster occasionally by the nose.

    If you rather go up in the air instead, the Wave Rider is just the right one. With a dash you surf through the clouds or cut the airy waves. Fun through and through.

    Far away, away from our solar system, you can prove that you were born to be the masterchief: in the 7,895,678 Space Race. Duel for planets and times. Is your space garbage fast enough?