Hansa Garden

  • Themed Area | In the middle of the park | Green idyll with numerous flowers and plants as well as a pond and lawns to linger | Related Attractions: Holstein Tower and Remote-Controlled Boats
    Streams pass through the Hansa Garden to finally pour into the bubbling ponds. What sounds like a fairy tale novel can actually be found in HANSA-PARK. A loving vegetation has been built here, and seems to combine almost any green color in itself. Thus, the plant friends have a place to enjoy.

    Those who prefer to go on a cruise, will find their destiny in the Remote-Controlled Boats. To modern times do you say? On the contrary. With a model of the Hanse Cog Ship you can go on an adventurous ride. Defeat Sea Serpents, Mutineers, and Friends, if they dare to stand in your way.