Bonanza City

  • Themed Area | In the eastern area of the park | Western town with numerous wooden buildings from the time of the Wild West | Related Attractions: Gold Prospecting, Pony Express and Kentucky Derby
    Heat lies over the prairie, the sand burns under the glowing sun and the Colt sits loosely in the holster. The western town of Bonanza City is a place of adventure and bustle.

    A quick visit to the General Store is always worth it to find the right clothes for the harsh weather and the unbending sun. The Saloon "Last Chance" offers steaks, hamburgers and salads, a rich menu with hearty dishes.

    After the founders decided in 1977 to make their sleepy village LEGOREDO the most radiant metropolis in the West, the change of name in Bonanza City also spurred the expansion of the city with great zest for action. Gambling was high on the list. In the same year, the Shooting Gallery, the Kentucky Derby and the Gamble Hall was built to make Bonanza City an Eldorado for gamblers. However, criminals were also drawn to the city by the American Dream. So also Jack the Thimblerigger, whose bones are still today in the cemetery behind the city.

    But gold panning also has a long tradition in Bonanza City. The local gold mine is one of the few richly filled mines in the Wild West. Anyone who takes the trouble to prospecting gold out of all the dirt can end up with a specially embossed gold coin. Anyone who has brought something to the city can be photographed by the experienced ladies in Lizzy's Antik Photo Studio with his family. Whether military, hunter, dealer or gambler, at Lizzy everyone gets an authentic photo.

    Cowboys can prove their hit rates during post tours across the country. The Pony Express is looking for new riders every day for an adventurous ride. Here it is still true to the old tradition to deal with the Colt. If you like it more leisurely, you can join the redskins and go canoeing through the wide Yellowstone River. Paddling is announced.