Grand Opening of Highlander

Highlander | Grand Opening

But first of all everyone was invited for a get together in the restaurant Weltumsegler. At the entrance, Mr. and Mrs. Leicht welcomed each guest with a short conversation. Then there were the numerous service staff, with elderberry juice, with or without gin, and little purple treats in waffles or on spoons. The new parade car, an old English taxi, could also be seen, which already drew attention to the visit to the new themed area "Beautiful Britain".

The guests from politics, honorary offices, construction companies, representatives of fan pages and social media moved after the greetings in a pageant, led by the black taxi and two pipe bands with Scottish bagpipe sounds, through the park, past the Holstein Tower to the themed area "Beautiful Britain". In a comprehensive speech, Mr. Leicht reports on the construction of the free-fall tower, on the characteristics of the ride, on the registration of its own tartan and thanks the many people involved in the realization of Highlander. They were allowed to get on the first ride with the Leicht family and then Highlander could be extensively tested.

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Around 7:30 pm the Racing Roland and Nessie launched. On the large terrace, a stage had been set up, which was now played by the musicians "The Baltic Scots" from Kiel. The new themed area shone in purple light which brought walls and castles to light up. The newly planted rhododendrons are still small and lost, but in a few years these plants will reflect the green of the Highlands. These two colors, green and purple are also reflected in the tartan pattern developed especially for HANSA-PARK. Mr. Leicht is proud and sees the park on a par with famous Scottish clans who can also call their own protected tartans their own.

At the Filling Station across Racing Roland, snack bags with Fish & Chips were issued. Half an hour later, the pipe bands marched from the Hall of Stars back to the restaurant Weltumsegler, and took away all those who thanked a further trip with Highlander gratefully, and looked forward to a hot drink and other delicious food. In addition to cucumber sandwiches, jelly with lavender cream and cakepops, there were also Fish & Chips, Nessie nuggets and purple green Highlander burger with red cabbage at the restaurant's dispensing counter.

Highlander | Grand Opening Highlander | Grand Opening Highlander | Grand Opening All rides run until late at night. So you had the opportunity to get an impression of what it looks like at the Visit of the Shadow Creatures and the Autumn Magic by the Sea events, when the lights are shining in the whole park. The LED lighting of the gondola lets Nessie and everything around shine in bright colors. From below, a UFO seems to be screwing into the sky. Finally, the last guests left at 11 pm and were allowed to pick up a CD of the new HANSA-PARK Soundtrack-Collection.