HAPA-Kids Meeting 2017

After that, the kids were split into two groups. All kindergarten children were happy that their personal wishes were fully met. In a dice game, the children were able to dice among others rides that were visited. This quickly turned out to be quite one-sided and the will of the little tots prevailed. The helping members of the HAPA Forum were always there to fulfill every wish as passengers and carers.

At the same time, all schoolchildren were assigned to the administration of HANSA-PARK. Managing Director Andreas Leicht and his wife have invited to the Children's University and Mr. Leicht reported in a 15 minute presentation on what is important in a large company such as HANSA-PARK, and how important the integration of all trades and departments ensure a smooth flow. Afterwards Mr. Leicht asked the questions of the children. This question-and-answer session lasted for almost 1½ hours. We from Team and Family Leicht were visibly surprised by the sometimes very specific and specific questions about the technical background of the attractions or safety-related measures. Mr. Leicht made every effort to answer the questions truthfully. Thus, we have a full fan club talk can lead, only the fans this time between 6 and 10 years old were. Here are a few excerpts:

Why is the scarecrow no longer working on the curse of Novgorod? In response to this question, Mr. Leicht said that this sensor requires a lot of sensors to make sure that the scarecrow behaves properly. If a sensor breaks down, the entire attraction is stopped and the fault must be found. Scarecrow has experienced this problem more often due to the high number of sensors. In favor of the operating time, the scarecrow was therefore deactivated to ensure less downtime.
Has a boat ever overturned at Rio Dorado? This has happened before, confirmed Mr. Leicht. The reason for this was the misconduct of the guests, who sat on the edge of the boat and thus mass center was too high and too far out. The misconduct of the guests was documented at the time with camera recording. In the meantime, all boats have been reworked and weighted down with additional ballast in the ground. Even the strongest employees of the park could not overturn a boat in an attempt together.
What happens during a power failure? When the power goes out, all the attractions come to a standstill at certain safety points and guests can safely leave the attractions. However, the goal for the future in the event of a power failure is to continue to operate the park as independently as possible using its own resources. For this, the HANSA-PARK buys large units over several years in order to generate enough electricity in an emergency and to supply the entire park.

After this very informative and entertaining program, all HAPA kids came together again to ride some of the big rides. First, the almost new HANSE aircraft was seized. Once had to whiz through the air. Then it was for some of the kids premiere on the Nessie. This was rewarded with great applause. Incidentally, various games were played. Popular was a wet sponge that made the rounds or a well-known Lübeck newspaper, which was kicked exceptionally with feet. After all, it was still the competition in the intergalactic Space Race to clear out of the way. For the craziest driving styles were brought out, which made for some spectators only for head shaking. The winner was of course a HAPA-Kid at the end.

At 2 pm the HAPA-Kids and the helpers met again with the parents in the trapper camp to storm the cold lunch buffet together. Numerous salads, meter bread, meatballs, sausages, ToMoBa's and a quiche offered versatile taste sensations. This was made possible thanks to the many donations made by parents and forum members.

After dinner, the obligatory ride with the HANSA-PARK parade was on, and the weather played along completely. In the sunshine, the colorful birthday train already shone on the Plaza del Mar. With over 20 HAPA kids, the train was then well filled and steamed with the arrival of the parade in advance as a spearhead of the parade.

Shortly before the last program point, a small delegation of daring kids was allowed to ride another round of KÄRNAN, while the majority made the Crazy Mine and the Barracuda Slide unsafe. At 5 pm, everyone gathered at the water circus to round off the day with a wet, happy sea lion show. Due to the announcement to the parents for changing clothes to provide the kids were allowed to position themselves on the edge of the pool to the water bombs of Lou and Mickey to be very close. Slightly soaked then it was not a problem as last to complete a ride in the wild water course. Exhausted, all found themselves one last time in the trapper camp, the big treasure box opening. Thanks to many donations from the HAPA Forum, from members who supported the Kids Meeting, the children's eyes shone brightly and even the parents and helpers could look forward to a little snack. Thus, the end of the school was perfect and the day went by.

We hope you enjoyed the HAPA-Kids meeting 2017. It was a very special day for us and the helpers, and we would be happy to meet you again at one of the informal meetings or the fan club meeting. Many thanks to all participants.